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Alexander’s Women: Olympias and the Ladies Who Shaped a Conqueror

Let’s dive into the lives and times of the women who helped shape Alexander’s Greatness, and accomplished a whole lot of their own along the way. Get ready to enter Macedonia. We’ll face assassinations, intrigue, a little snake worship, warrior women, and an epic battle for an empire that would put Game of Thrones to shame. 

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Armed and Dangerous: Amazons and the Real Warrior Women Who Intimidated Ancient Greece

The ancient world saw its fair share of warrior women, living on the move, hunting and fighting, living and dying on their own terms. It turns out the Amazons were as real as it gets. Who were these women the Greeks saw in their pleasant dreams and worst nightmares? Let’s go hunting beyond the myths and legends to try and find them.

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That Loosener of Limbs: Sappho and Sexuality in Ancient Greece

When it comes to the words that made it through time to us, ancient Greece is particularly loud with men’s voices. But if you listen, you hear one woman through the crowd—we still hear her today, thousands of years after she lived. Heralded as a genius in her time, she was called “The Poetess” and “The Tenth Muse.” People made coins with her face on them, and created honorary statues of her all over Greece. Even Aristotle, that grumpy bastard, wrote she was “honored even though she was a woman.” Sappho wrote poetry that rocked her ancient world. 

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